Thursday, June 4, 2009

marriage equality not news

The Los Angeles Times ran a short article in today's paper about New Hampshire governor John Lynch signing a marriage equality bill for that state. Front page news? No. The article ran on page 14.

Six states and counting: (New York? New Jersey? anyone?).

One is tempted to yawn at this point except for the fact that millions of American couples are denied the basic protections afforded by civil marriage, and denied the opportunity to claim their place as full-fledged, contributing and accountable members of our society. And even the legally married couples in the six states that presently recognize same-sex marriage, and the 18,000 married couples in California, are denied the more important benefits, protections and responsibilities of federally-recognized marriage.

I'm glad that our culture has evolved to the point where same-sex marriage in New Hampshire is so boring that it can be reported in a short article on page 14, but until the laws change to reflect the culture's growing acceptance - in 44 states and nationwide, we can't go to sleep on this subject yet.

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