Saturday, June 27, 2009

two tee shirts

At the baseball game in Salt Lake City a man who was sitting in the first row, right on the field in my section wore a white tee shirt with the message:

1 - 20 - 13
Hope for a Change

It took me a minute to figure out what that meant. Then when I did I was shocked. I suppose I shouldn't be, but that's not the kind of sentiment I run across in my neighborhood, or church. I doubt I'd see that tee shirt at Dodger Stadium either.

Then today, at the airport in Salt Lake I saw a man with a black tee shirt on the front of which were spelled out the letters, each letter in it's own separately colored block:


Amazing to me that anyone would want to positively associate themselves with that name going so far as to wear a tee shirt like he was a rock star, especially after what's been recently revealed on the tapes.

Unless of course he meant this Nixon.


Robin Edgar said...

Well it's not like Che Guevera was such a wonderful person, indeed he was arguably a war criminal. . . but all kinds of people display his iconic image on T-shirts like he was a rock star or even a Communist Jesus H. Christ or something. Maybe the guy wearing the NIXON T-shirt was wearing it for the sheer shock value in the first place, in which case it worked like a charm eh? ;-) Why do you think they make T-shirts displaying the iconic image of Jack Nicholson's "psycho" leering grin from 'The Shining' movie poster? I saw somebody wearing one just the other night. If you want to worry about T-shirts with somewhat questionable multicolored letters I would worry about these ones Rick. :-)

Robin Edgar said...

Somehow forgot the link to these colorful and quite titillating UU T-shirts. ;-)