Thursday, May 1, 2008

National Day of Prayer

A Prayer for an interfaith gathering on the steps of the Santa Clarita City Hall:

Oh Divine energy of love.
You who are named by so many names.
You who are known in so many ways.
You who manifest yourself in countless ways.
And you who are with us,
around us,
and deep within us at every moment.

May we, today, deeply feel your presence connecting each of us,
Every human heart to every human heart,
no one anywhere left out
and also connected to the very center of your divine being
And through your all-encompassing love connected as well to every particle of existence.

As we feel this morning your universal divine embrace of love for all,
May we remember that the fullest expression of love is the desire to let the loved one be its own self and grow and flower in its own blessed unique way.

Divine spirit, as we struggle with our differences,
lead us not into enmity with one another,
but help us to see our diversity as the fullest flowering of your vast, multifaceted self.
Let us learn from each other’s experiences of you
a little more of your true nature,
so far beyond the ability of any one people to grasp.
Help us to see that when we ask any voice to be silent,
we ask you to be silent.
Help us to know that if we fail to hear any voice struggling to speak
we fail to hear your voice,
and we turn away from a blessed piece of your wisdom and care.

Thank you, O God, for this opportunity to be here today,
out in your world,
among your people,
enjoying these diverse voices speaking your words,
and we know and affirm that all these beautiful, various, prayers
reduce to a single prayer,
as does in fact all of your creation turning its eyes back to you,
a prayer of love.


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