Friday, June 13, 2008

what are you so happy about?

lots of good news lately.

Supreme Court ruling affirming the right of Habeus Corpus, and rejecting the Bush ploy to give the Presidency unconstrained power by declaring a permanent war.

The Democratic Party choosing a black man as their Presidential nominee. This is at least symbolic of a major evolution in US racial attitudes, and will change the dynamics of the discussion on race. It's a civil rights milestone if not a complete victory.

Clinton's candidacy has also changed the dynamic of the discussion. She has shown that a woman could be elected, or at least be the nominee of a major party (she nearly was). My guess is that a major party will nominate a woman within 20 years, and we'll have a woman president within 30. (non-Christian and gay candidates will have to wait awhile longer).

California's Supreme Court ruling on marriage equality. My husband and I will make it legal within the next month or two.

High gas prices - yes it hurts - but sales of gas guzzling SUVs are way down, less polluting smaller car sales are up, public transportation ridership is up. Less pollution, less global warming, less traffic. And the cars on the road will take up less space and be easier to see around. All for the price of $4.50 a gallon. I'll take it.

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Ed Terpening said...

Agreed, lots of good news to celebrate lately. Thanks for reminding us! Hope you're feeling better and healing quickly.