Friday, July 20, 2007

slow but not dead

peleg and I had a friend over for dinner a few nights ago. I asked him how his work was going. He's in the real estate business. he said, "slow but not dead." Peleg said that pretty much described his business for the last few months also. Neither of them were worried as they both attributed this to the natural cycles of business, and as long as there's some life ("not dead") the cycle will eventually turn again. They're right.

I told them that both of their businesses were in summer cycles. summer is the season of "slow but not dead." Everything in nature is very much alive this time of year, but plants are growing slowly, animals are moving slowly. Slow but not dead is a healthy place to be this time of year.

The spiritually healthy person lives with the cycles of the world, rather than battling against them. Whether it's a grand natural circle of the seasons, or a human cycle of market or real estate trends, or personal cycles of energy and mood the spiritual healthy person reads the cycle and fits their life to it.

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