Friday, September 14, 2007

a big 'ol piece of pi

Speaking of things that human beings know, an Australian teemager named Peter Thamm memorized over 10,000 decimal places of pi and then recited it in 44 minutes. He says he spent about 5 months in preparation.

I once heard that the first 37 decimal places of pi is enough for any possible practical purpose. With 37 places you can calculate the volume of the universe to the accuracy of a micron if you call that a practical purpose. I just made that up by the way because I couldn't find the actual fact on the web. Anyone can help.

Previously I included a link to a page on the web with a million decimals of pi. The web page now says that the guys server couldn't handle the traffic (doubtlessly from all the people who linked there from my blog). SO now the guy has just a little pi and then a link to a new fun thing to do on the web in your spare time. check it out.

pi on the web

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