Thursday, September 13, 2007

to cover or not to cover

At the Baha'i gardens in Haifa one of the friends we had driven up with was denied admission because he was wearing a sleeveless tee shirt. Later I noticed a woman with bare shoulders who was prevented from entering and then was given a shawl to wrap around her shoulders so she could come in. In Jewish temples and synagogues men have to cover their heads. Later in the trip we went to the Basillica of St. Anthony in Padova Italy and as I walked in the guard motioned for me to remove the baseball cap I was wearing. I can never remember from site to site whether I'm supposed to put my hat on or take it off.

I understand a request to show repect in holy sites. But is God really offended by the sight of human shoulders or the tops of our heads? Does God really care?


Robin Edgar said...

That's sight Rev. Rick, not site. . . ;-)

Rev. Ricky said...

got it. thanks