Saturday, October 20, 2007

certified training ride leader

I spent the day today in a workshop with about 20 other people being certified as training ride leaders. That means that I'm now approved by the AIDS/Life CYcle organization to lead training rides, preparing cyclists to participate in the AIDS/LifeCycle event next June. All of the training ride leaders are volunteers. We began our morning by going around the group with everyone introducing themselves and saying why they signed up to be a ride leader. Most of us said that the primary reason was to "pay forward" the people who had been so helpful in getting us trained the first time we did the ride. A couple of people (me included) also said that being a ride leader was a way to be more involved in a community and cause that we care about.

As we went through the day's training it occured to me that many of the necessary skills were also skills necessary for the ministry. Leading a ride is like leading a congregation: organize the event, keep everyone safe, emphasize the importance of the community, give special attention to the riders who need the most help, practice good communication and interpersonal skills, have fun, file reports afterward of the experience.

Is it just that because I'm a minister everything looks like ministry? Or is it that the same personal interests and talents which call me to the ministry also attract me to other ministry-like situations?

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