Saturday, October 13, 2007

marriage equality statement

On September 30 I participated on a panel at a marriage equality forum sponsored by my church. I spoke to the spiritual issues of why I support marriage equality. Other panelists addressed the issue from personal and legal perspectives. I've posted the text of my speech on my website under the Action tab.

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Bill Baar said...

I so dislike the term marriage equality. You demonstrate how you discriminate on you you'll marry and that discrimination is a very good thing.

We UU's talk marriage equality and it sounds indiscriminate. We'll buy off on any kind of marriage.

I wish we would think a bit more about labels more descriptive of our practice.

Ask a UU why the Government should license marriage in the first place and they'll more than likely go blank on you. They never thought about much, or for a studious bunch of folks, haven't read much on the history of marriage.

It's a sad state, and in part attributable to recruiting slogans -which yield few recruits- rather than statements of ethics.