Friday, October 12, 2007

hollywood universalist churches

Here's a google satellite image of the location of the former Hollywood Universalist Church, 7367 Hollywood Blvd. Click the zoom in button twice and position the pointer arrow on the left margin for the best view.

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The church location is now an apartment building. The wide diagonal street to the east is La Brea Blvd. The large building one block further east of La Brea is the Mann's Chinese Theater.

The final location of the other former Universalist church in Los Angeles is also visible. The major east-west street north of Hollywood Blvd is Franklin Blvd. The First Universalist Church of Los Angeles met in its final years in a building near the corner of Franklin and La Brea. I don't know the exact address. They had previously met in several locations around Los Angeles since they first began meeting in downtown Los Angeles in the 1880s.

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