Thursday, October 2, 2008

New Year's Dinner

Peleg and I had his family over Sunday evening for a Rosh Hashanah dinner - technically Monday evening but who wants a big party on a Monday night? We had 16 people, including 4 kids. The food was excellent, pot luck. To accommodate 16 we carried our dining room table outside and set it against the end of the patio table, and then set a card table at the other end of the patio table and covered the whole thing with three table cloths.

I have a shofar that Peleg and I bought years ago when we were in Israel. Before we ate I told everybody that every good thing we want for the coming year is waiting out in space and the good things will come if we invite them, but all the good things are sleeping so the first thing we have to do is wake them up. I told them that's what the shofar is for, to wake up the good things so they'll come to us next year. Then we passed around the shofar and people named some good thing they wanted in the coming year and had a crack at blowing the shofar.

I blew for the shofar for my hope that every person will be treated with the same constitutionally guaranteed equal rights.

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