Monday, March 30, 2009

actual quote

a woman comes up to me after on worship on Sunday and says, "You're a very good public speaker. Do you do it for a living?"

Admittedly I was guest preacher at a church other than my own. But the number of times I was referred to in the order of service as Rev. Ricky Hoyt or spoken about as a visiting minister might have given her a clue.


The Eclectic Cleric said...

i once served as a guest minister for a federated UUA/National Council of Continuing Congregational Churches congregation at a period in my life when I also had privilege of call in the UUC alongside my UUA fellowship. After the service, I overhead one of the distinguished elder ladies of the congregation inform her friend, "You know, Rev. Jensen goes both ways."

Robin Edgar said...

Maybe she simply meant public speaking in a context other than being a clergy person. Let's face it not all clergy are good public speakers. . . and some people might even argue that a "less than full" church isn't exactly "public" either. ;-)

In any case I am glad to hear that you apparently speak every bit as well as you write here Ricky.