Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Easter bunny

I spent holy week in Death Valley. Not only is the name of the place appropriate for the events marked during that week but on the second day we were there, actually Maundy Thursday, I was exploring an old mine site with the two friends we went camping with and we saw a jack rabbit bouncing across the desert nearby - an Easter bunny. It was a remarkable vision of motion and vitality in the midst of the still landscape. Life in the midst of the valley of death.

Later that afternoon Peleg found a scrap of rabbit fur caught in the spines of a creosote bush. The bushes are gray and hard, but this being spring most of them had green shoots coming up out of the top of what looked like lifeless skeltons. Another Easter symbol. And the bunny fur was so soft. He put it in his pocket and would pull it out now and then to stroke it.

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