Thursday, May 24, 2007

good energy

I was taking some trash out to the street today. The bins are already at the curb because the trucks come tomorrow. I was standing there sorting trash into the black bin and recyclables into the blue bin when a man drove by in an old orange van with a collection of stuff tied to the top including a surfboard, and a cardboard sign stuck in the back window with a hand printed message that read: "So Far So Good."

The guy asked me something about a neighbor. Then he pulled his van over and got out to talk. It turns out he used to live in my guesthouse, 12 years ago. He told me stories about the previous owners, and their son who took over the house and kicked him out of the guesthouse, the son who sold the place a year and a half ago to Peleg and I. The guy talked about how special living there had been for him. And he said several times how great it was to know that someone with "good energy" (meaning me) lived there now.

I told him how great it was that I happened to be standing outside just as he drove by. He said, "There are no accidents, man!"

It's true that nearly ever first time visitor to our house since we bought the place has remarked on the "good energy" they feel in the place. I feel it, too.

Do places, and people, really have energy that we can feel intuitively, and recognize as "good" or "bad"?

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