Friday, May 11, 2007

Wisdom from the W

Just to prove my point that scripture is available everywhere. Here's some wisdom from the W hotel promotional book that Peleg and I pinched from a hotel room two months ago.

The last page (Revelations?). It's a brown page with a small picture of a hotel room in the center. The side of a bed is visible and a table next to it. The title of the page in the upper left corner is, "Awaiting Your Return." Perhaps that refers to reincarnation. I interpret it to me our return to God. In the picture the side of a bed is visible representing the sleep of death perrhaps. On the nightstand there's a statue of a meditating Buddha. There's a pillow on the bed with the word "Wish" printed on it. And the caption under the picture begins, "Wish...Dream...Desire." It's a comforting verse speaking of a peaceful existence in communion with God, a communion that's available both now, through spiritual practice, and after death.

The rest of the caption, the last verse of the W scripture is a message from God: "While you sleep, we will be dreaming up new ways to enhance your W experience and make your next stay with us an even more memorable one. Remember, whatever you want, whenever you want it. W is always there for you." It's a message of love, and faithfulness and overflowing abundance. Who couldn't smile?

There's one more message: an advertisement for Budweiser pasted into the inside back cover. It's a picture of a crown formed by a row of cigars above a beer glass and four words, two phrases that sum up the perfect spiritual life. "Bold Taste. Clean Finish."

May it be so.

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