Wednesday, May 9, 2007

synchronocities multiplying

I still don't know if it means anything. And maybe there only seem to be so many because I'm noticing them.

I was at Jack in the Box on Sunday after church. As I walked in a worker behind the counter called out the number of an order ready for pick-up, "quatro cuarenta-dos" four forty-two. I stepped up to the counter and placed my order, two breakfast jacks, hash browns and a cup of coffee. The total? $4.42.

Last night Peleg and I spent the evening together watching TV. We live less than a mile from Griffith Park which was burning last night. A lot of excitement as water-dropping helicopters scooped up water from Silver Lake, just below our house and then flew over our hosue to the park on the other side. At one point I walked out to the street to get the mail and I could see huge billows of smoke coming from the park, glowing in the light of the setting sun. I called Peleg out to see the sight. As we stood in front of our house watching the fire I opened a magazine that had arrived in that afternoon's mail and turned directly to an article titled, "Keep the Home Fires Burning."

Later as we sat watching TV I told Peleg a story about a big condo project going up in downtown LA. As we were talking Peleg noticed that the commercial playing on the TV for a cell phone company was set in downtwon LA.

Peleg told me a story of running into Joy Behar at Whole Foods. I remarked that was odd as I assumed she lived in New York. Later that evening we watched an episode of King of Queens we had TiVo'd that guest-starred Lainie Kazan. Peleg said, "That's her. That's the woman I saw at Whole Foods." He even insists that she was wearing the same outfit that she was wearing in the show.

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