Thursday, September 4, 2008

the groom wore white

Me: a white tee shirt with an Obama pin, over brown pants, white socks and grey sneakers. Peleg, aka "Party A" wore a black tee shirt and jeans. We met our friend/witness, Debbie, in front of the MCC-LA church where my friend/officiant Neil Thomas is the Senior Pastor. We were a little early for our 11:15 appointment but he wasn't busy so we went right into his office. Peleg and I had already had our big church, spiritual wedding two years ago at the UU church in Santa Monica, so this was just a legal affair. Neil had Debbie sign first (great job - Debbie!) and then he filled out his part and we were done. Very pleasant, very easy. Neil automatically went into his explanation of what to do next with the forms but of course I already knew.

Then we took Debbie for a thank you coffee. While chatting I pulled out the forms and noticed Neil had dated them wrong:8/4 instead of 9/4. When we got back home Peleg corrected the mistake making big scribbled 9's. I'll mail it in this afternoon.

I've never been exactly sure when a couple is legally married. Is it when the officiant and witness sign, or is it when the registrar receeives the forms and records them? Or is the marriage in sort of a limbo state between the signing and the recording that will retroactively become legal once the form is recorded? Well I'm used to having my marriage in a limbo state, 12 years now, so another few weeks isn't too bad.

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laura said...

Ricky -

I was so sad to see that there were no comments on your blog on the ceremony itself! What a great thing to FINALLY be able to celebrate with Peleg a LEGAL marriage in front of friends and witnesses. What a truly moving moment - a catharsis at least as incredible as being able to get the marriage license itself. I don't care that it was "just a legal affair" ... that seems a glorious thing in itself.

I am thoroughly delighted for both of you and wish you many, many happy years.

:::huge smiles and a tossing of birdseed:::